I create my paintings through a process involving layers--layers of textures, colors, media, and mood.  Each piece starts with collage, and through a series of choices the final composition always ends in a place I couldn’t have imagined at the outset.  The flowers I paint have become a stand-in for people and the subtleties of interpersonal relationships, as well as a celebration of femininity.  The titles are lyric fragments from songs that inspire me.

Please email info@gabrielaibarra.com if you’re interested in a commission or collaboration, or for any further information.  


Trinity Mercantile (Decatur, GA) featured artist for Decatur Arts Festival, May 2018

Industrious (Atlanta GA) featured artist, Nov 2017-Jan 2018

Scout and Arrow (Atlanta GA) featured artist Nov 2017

Anthropologie collaboration prints (online) Jul 2017-Dec 2017

Alice Milton Gallery (Boylston, MA) Jun 2017-Aug 2017

Hambidge Art Auction, April 2017 https://paddle8.com/work/gabriela-ibarra/138525-sometime-and-maybe


Create! Magazine May 2017 https://createmagazine.com/features/gabriela-ibarra

Common Creative Common Creative Atlanta Jan 2017

Home and Garden magazine, Netherlands Sep 2015

Design Crush Design Crush Blog Jun 2015

Jealous Curator May 2015


Baisden Gallery, Tampa FL  Sep 2002, Sep 2006, and Mar 2010

J Carole Gallery, Taos NM  May 2003

prints available through artfullywalls.com

Originals at Baisden Gallery, Tampa FL